Sunday, August 30, 2009

a Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante, MOA

After a good dining experience at a Veneto in BF Homes, we decided to try their branch in Mall of Asia next. And still, a Veneto Pizzeria made us satisfied yet again!

What if he likes tomatoes and you don't? What if you like anchovies and he doesn't? Well, that is what I love about this pizza place... you can order your pizza by the slice and need not agree to just have what he is having.

So, I had my anchovies and garlic, he had his tomatoes and peppers... both over melted cheese topped over thin and crispy dough, made fresh each time.

There are other items on the menu we are surely going to try next time. And still, if nothing works for you on the menu, you can just create your own pizza. It can't get any better than that, can it!


  1. Ate gita, Ang yummy naman nito, :)

  2. When I left Pinas in '69 "pizza" was a word I never even knew existed LOL. In my 2nd day in 'tate (San Francisco) my sister-in-law took us to a place where they served pizza. I was hooked since then! I lovingly hate her to this day for introducing me to a "decadent" addiction I can't shake off to this day.

    The first time I set foot in Italy,
    pizza was the first thing on my mind after Italian girls (just kidding)LOL. Repeat after me...bertN is not a dirty old man LOL.

  3. yummy! i love pizzas! at nagutom ako talaga with this!

  4. a Veneto Pizzeria is where I took my wife for our first date. Thanks for sharing Ms. Gita.

  5. Tracy, glorious food talaga... try it.

    bertN, dont shake off the habit. it is not that bad... not bad at all, actually.

    syel, actually, ako din... mapapaMOA na naman ako nyan eh... :-)

    Traveller on Foot, really? im glad i brought back pleasant romantic memories for you... she is one lucky woman! :-) thanks for dropping by..