Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yin Yang Chinese Fresh Lumpia

I chanced upon this booth as I was shopping at the mall one time. Being a lover of fresh lumpia, I decided to check this out and try.
I ordered one each for hubby and me, then simply watched as they were prepared. Each was definitely well packed and filled.

I like my lumpia with lots of extra nuts, fresh garlic and bihon with seaweed bits.
... and lotsa sauce!
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Truly a healthy dish for everyone, young and old, fresh lumpia as good as this is a welcome addition to the malls. Now I don't have to go to Binondo to curb my sudden cravings for lumpia.
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  1. dyanie, sa Market Market lang to. lapit lang. booth lang sha near the elevator in one of the floors. di ko marecall exactly kung anong floor eh. sarap sha. i sometimes order for dinner.

  2. It's been ages since I ate Chinese lumpia from an itinerant Chines lumpia vendor that hangs around the old Republic Super Market on Avenida Rizal. Over the years I tried different lumpia here but none of them tasted as good. My wife said it's because it is not as dirty LOL.

  3. reminds me of po piah (chinese version of fresh lumpia). happy new year doc!

  4. you know what, bertN, i think your wife is right! LOL!

    syel, happy new year, too! hope you had a wonderful vacation last dec. thanks for dropping bye, again. :-)

  5. Doc, is this the same as the lumpia where Globe theater used to be in Quiapo? The dirty lumpia.

  6. anonymous, nope, this isnt that lumpia. i would think that would be the better one. mall booth lang ito eh. so mas commercial ang taste siguro. i heard that the Globe lumpia is one of the best in town.