Saturday, March 31, 2007


If there is one dining place whose mere mention of the name brings a wide smile to my hubby's face, it is Yoshinoya. We had dinner here tonight after hours of digging into the CD softwares on sale at Greenhills.

They have a friendly food crew and their service is fast. I give them credit for that.

This is my husband's all time favorite at Yoshinoya. The Gyudon. It always has to be the large size for him.

And this is my usual at Yoshinoya. Their 3-piece tempura bento. It comes with side items like the vegetable tempura and the coleslaw (?). It is not the best tempura around but this is the only thing on their menu I have tried that I liked.

They offer both bottomless sodas and single serve sodas. Mon orders the bottomless and I order the single serve. I like that they refill fast though you have to approach the counter to ask for one. How can the crew tell if you are faking a refill? They use a different glass for bottomless orders. Can you tell the difference from the photo?

Tonight would surely be not our last visit to Yoshinoya. Afterall, it is hubby's favorite.

World Light Expo 2007

We went to see this spectacle last night at Roxas Blvd. and Coastal Road Junction in Paranaque. Lucky for us, Paranaque residents, we get a 50% off the entrance fee and paid only P150 each. Not bad!

From outside, one can already see the flood of lights coming from the different structures in the park.

These are the umbrella lanterns... very colorful!

Red lanterns...

The Temple of Heaven...

This is my favorite attraction... the 100-meter Ceramic Dragon...

Check it out up close and you will be surprised to see that is made out of thousands of ceramic plates, cups, saucers and ladles!

I just had to get myself a picture beside it!

The Gate with Hundred Pigs...

I think they call these tall structures Galleries. Awesome!

This is the La Feyette e Spalliera... The Fantastic Water Screen Laser show was supposed to be held right here. We didn't get to catch it though.

Nine Heaven Tower....

Nine-Dragon wall...

Olympic Games.... see the rings?

Disc Dragon... come up close and you will see that the structure is made out of compact discs.

Red Phoenix Facing the Sun???

Gallery with Fruits and Melons...

The whole experience was pretty tiring, having to walk on such wide but uneven ground. It was a summernight but thank god tonight was breezy and cool. Maybe it is because it was the outdoors. It was a rare feast for our eyes to be treated to such a wide array of lights and color display.

Harbin Ice & Light Festival

This is one of the attractions of the World Light Expo 2007. For an entrance fee of P100, one is treated to a cold and numbing experience literally. Before entering the Ice Lantern Hall, jackets are available for everyone. I suggest you wear them or don't enter at all.

As we entered the heavy main doors, we were immediately welcomed by that blast of cold air from the inside.

What is there too see? Ice sculptures of course.

I think this is a multi-colored igloo...

A buddha?

A dragon...

The initial thrill of that draft of cold air on your face was just that. Initial. After a few minutes, I was dying to leave the hall for dear life! The -18 degrees was not thrilling anymore.

There wasn't a lot to see inside really. The experience of feeling that bitter sting of cold air inside that hall is not much different from the experience I get whenever I defrost my refrigerator. Which reminds me, I should be getting a no-frost soon.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Teriyaki Boy

We had an early dinner at Teriyaki Boy at the Harbour Plaza Branch, CCP Complex.

The interiors was neat and tidy. The staff was very warm and friendly.

I always get impressed with dining places that have a computerized billing system.

We had the chicken teriyaki don. The chicken was okay. The meat was tender but a little bit bland. I would have wanted more flavor. But I give them a triple AAA for their Japanese rice. It is the real thing.

... this is the aftermath of the storm.

Sanly Seafood Restaurant

We had dinner here after attending the Kindergarten Graduation of my niece held at PICC. This restaurant is along Roxas Boulevard facing the Manila Bay and is very near the Manila Diamond Hotel.

Our favorites are the following:

This is their YangChow fried rice.

Their Pancit Canton is very good.... not dry, the seafoods in it are fresh, and the noodles and vegetables are cooked just right.

This is their Garlic Butter Chicken. It comes with a sweet and sour dip on the side. I personally love the juicy tender deep fried chicken coated with the crispy butter breading and topped with lots and lots of garlic.

This is their crispy shrimps... I would have wanted smaller shrimps for this dish... But the dish is still a favorite...

We love this....r Minced Pork with Heart of Lettuce. Its presentation is similar to that of Peking duck. You get a piece of lettuce, fill it up with the minced pork, roll it or fold it, then bite into it, yum!

We were 8 that night and the bill was just a little over a thousand pesos. Not bad indeed! No wonder we keep coming back for special nights like these.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

pizzeria Pronto

We had dinner here tonight. The place is small but not cramped. It is one of those little dining places we see in the mall which we never really wanted to try. But tonight, we were adventurous enough to make a go for it. And Im glad we did. We were suprisingly happy with the food!

I just had to ask the staff if that was really a brick oven that they use. Nah, they said it was just for ambiance sake. Haha... That's ok, anyway I got to watch while our pizza was being made.

More shots of the interior.

I ordered their Angel Hair Pesto with Grilled Chicken. I enjoyed it. The chicken was tender and juicy. The pesto was just right. The herbs and spices weren't overwhelming. I wish though that it had some garlic bits on it. I don't know what you call the "bread" that came with it, but it was like a pizza slice without the toppings? In the end, this is now my next best Pesto Pasta to DonHen's.

Finally our pizza which came served on a plate just like in other Italian pizzerias! Or shall I say, my husband's pizza! Save for the smallest slice, he gobbled all of it down, up to the very last crumb. Need I say that he enjoyed it? If you liked Amici's pizzas, you will like this too.

Overall, we would probably pay another visit to pizzeria Pronto. Though the feel of the place falls short from a real Italian place, the taste would probably make up for this. Not bad for a tiny space in the mall.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cafe Bec

We had meryenda at Cafe Bec this pm. I read somewhere that its sweets are all from Becky's Kitchen. It was not hard to find since it is right alongside the road and right beside Price Mart at the Fort.
The photo above shows the waiting area when you step into the cafe.

I took a photo of the menu on the wall. i hope you can see the prices... there aren't just cakes. They have pasta too, sandwiches, pizza and even Fruits in Ice Cream.

There are only two small tables inside. just like the one in the photo. A bit small, i think.

This is their chocolate mousse. It wasn't bad. Though I would have wanted it to be a bit less "cakey" and more creamy and "mousse-y".

My husband had the Walnut Prune slice. It was a bit crumbly and tough. But again, it was alright.