Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hokkaido Cakes from French Baker

After obsessing on cupcakes for the past weeks  (and finally getting my tastebuds jumping up and down with Pastry Princess Cupcakes),   seeing this at a French Baker branch had me obsessing anew!
With baked sweet delights in little blue boxes like these,  who wouldn't be.   And naturally,   it wasn't long before I gave in to the calling and got me a couple of these Hokkaido cakes at French Baker,  SM Bicutan.
Soft airy butter cake with that sinfully creamy center... these little cakes are really good.
They aren't too sweet which is actually a bad thing for dieters like me because there is no umay factor;   making it difficult to resist having one more box.    The price at P65. for  a pretty  small  box could be a bit restricting,  though.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Purple Oven

After a dear friend wrote on her FB status how delicious Purple Oven's Food for the Gods are,   I just knew I had to try them.   I looked it up online,  got the address and set a date for my husband and I to pay it a visit.  
We picked the Purple Oven branch in  San Antonio Village,  Makati over their main branch in Pasig.    Although it wasn't easy to find,   the search was very much worth it.  We were able to buy and bring home a couple more goodies from the bakeshop which we immediately tried and liked!
(The croissant and the ensaymada)
  Purple Oven Purple Oven
And of course,  we wouldn't come home without bringing a box of the Food for the Gods which was the very reason we went there in the first place.
Purple Oven
Delicately lined and wrapped...
  Purple Oven
Sealed for freshness...
Purple Oven
Baked until it is heavenly perfect...
Purple Oven

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cadbury Roses

Cadbury Roses
I got a box of Roses by one of my favorite chocolate brands,  Cadbury,  and I was so excited to open it up.
 Cadbury Roses Cadbury Roses
Out came these brightly and neatly wrapped nuggets of chocolate with suprising fillings.  When it is by Cadbury,   you can never go wrong.  :)
Cadbury Roses

Monday, February 11, 2013

Abe Restaurant

We enjoyed our lunch at Abe that Sunday.  Food was really good.   Everything tasted the way they should.
IMG_0911 IMG_0912  
We had the Kare kare;     the Crispy Tadyang
(which to my pleasant surprise was beef!)
and the huge Binukadkad na Tilapia. IMG_0914
Price was okay for the taste because everything was delicious;    but servings were a bit small for the price,  if you ask me.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dairy Queen's Oreo Moolate

I dont mind if I am the only one who is happier with this than with a frap. Value for money, this wins, hands down.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bagoong Club Revisited

Bagoong and Singkamas 
It is always good to revisit restaurants you have been to.  That way,  you get to try the other items on the menu that you missed the first time.   Well,  that is exactly what happened to us on our trek back to Bagoong Club.
Laing Poqui Poqui 
Laing Espesyal and Poqui-poqui with Pakbet Sauce
Bagoong Club Sisig... 
 Tilapia with Mangoes Sinigang na Salmon 
Crispy Fried Tilapia  (sorry,   I am not sure about its name)  and Sinigang na Salmon Belly were among my favorites that day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pastry Princess Cupcakes

I have had this huge craving for cupcakes for months now.  But busy work and holiday schedule  didn't give me  the chance to satisfy it until today.  And I am glad I was able to wait that long.   I picked Pastry Princess Cupcakes from among the different popular choices I have read on the internet. 
 And I can say that the place is not just about the pretty pink interiors;  the bright colorful bric a bracs on display;  neat and tidy counters where you can easily pick the cupcake of your dreams;  very friendly staff and servers;  and the more reasonably and affordably priced pastries from their oven.
Because the place is really about their cupcakes!    Hubs and I ordered three different kinds.   The red velvet,   the salted caramel and the dulce de leche which we all found really good.   Although their toppings somewhat differed with red velvet's being the creamiest,  and the other two's being quite a tad too sweet,   the cupcake itself was very well baked.   Moist,   chewy,  not crumbly,  and really delicious!
Of course red velvet won the tasting game,  hands down.   So will I come back for more?  I,   pretty sure,  will.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hana Revisited

It didn't take long for us to revisit Hana for more.  And we did get more than just the takoyaki balls.  
We decided to have lunch there and was glad to find out that Hana is not just about the balls.  :)
 Hot salad,   soups,  rice toppings and bento boxes....  Everything was good.  Authentic Japanese taste;  just deliciously glorious food.
These are the contents of the bento box upclose.
IMG_1998 IMG_1997
IMG_2000 IMG_2002 
Of course we wouldn't dare visit Hana without ordering their yummy takoyaki balls,  this time topped with fish (bonito?) flakes.