Sunday, December 23, 2012

Johnny Chow Amazing Asian Cuisine

Johnny Chow Johnny Chow
This post is months old already.   We celebrated my brother in law's birthday at Johnny Chow Restaurant last April and never got to post this.  But as they say,  it is never too late.  We picked Johnny Chow out of all the restaurants at Resorts World because we wanted Chinese food that day.  And indeed,  that was what we got.

The food was basically the usual  dishes you would see at a Chinese restaurant. And how they would look at a Chinese restaurant.    It was good,   definitely,   although not quite the jumping-up-and-down good.
Johnny Chow
Johnny Chow Johnny Chow Johnny Chow 
         Johnny Chow               Johnny Chow Johnny Chow     
 Among everything we had that noon,   this appetizer tickled my palate most!   This was so good good.  The kind of good that makes you hmmmm in every bite into that small mass of  cold,  juicy,  tasty mix of flavors and textures neatly bundled up  in that soft rice wrapper!  Hmmmm!
  Johnny Chow 
 Johnny Chow Johnny Chow Johnny Chow 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Big Better Burgers

Big Better Burgers  
I was not expecting to like this thinking this would just be one of those new burger joints that promise to sell the better burger in town.  But I truly did.  And I wouldn't mind going for seconds.
  Big Better Burgers Big Better Burgers 
Wrapped in paper with the triple B seal... and sitting in the middle like a precious pearl upon unwrapping,   I immediately noticed the different kind of bread used.  It is a lot softer and had no sprinkling of sesame seeds on top.
  Big Better Burgers Big Better Burgers 
Peeking inside the burger before taking the first bite,  everything was packed neatly.  Nothing gooey,  nothing soggy,  nothing dripping.   And the taste... definitely good premium beef in every bite.  Very lean,  and very juicy.   But the best thing about BBB,  I would have to say that it is the least greasy burger I have ever had.   Really.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pooch Park

This is one of the friendlier pet stores I have been to. I am glad they have a branch at Market Market.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Breadtalk's Floss

It wasn't love at first sight for us.  It took me  a long time to before I gave us another chance.    And I must say,   it was a lot lovelier the second time around.  LOL!
Breadtalk's Pork Floss 
Fresh dough glazed with butter on the surface and topped with generous amount of pork floss then baked to a perfectly soft yet chewy meryenda treat with its delicious blend of sweet salty flavors in every bite.
 Breadtalk's Pork Floss 
Yes,  I am sure you will come back for more.  Just like I do.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Japan Home's php88 Sewing Kit

I got this at Japan Home Center where all items sell for P88. I particularly liked the way the spools of thread are neatly arranged around the kit, each one in its own niche so they don't get all mixed up. They look more organized and tidy.

Although the pair of scissors in the kit is more of a toy than a real cutter, the number of pieces of needles that come with the kit make up for it.IMG_0355
 I still think this is a practical choice.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pan de Manila's Pesto Cheese Sticks

Twas the perfect midnight snack. I cut it up to smaller pieces, popped them into the oven toaster until each piece was crunchy on the outside yet still moist and soft on the inside.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pan De Manila's Herb Cream Cheese

This is perfect for any toasted bread. It spreads easily and is very creamy. I just find the garlic flavor a little bit overpowering. And maybe they can lower the price, too. At php95 for this small tub, it is not your everyday spread.

Friday, November 16, 2012


I was finally able to try Banapple last night with my niece. They recently opened a branch at Market Market so we decided to try it before watching "Breaking Dawn Part II". Banapple 

 I ordered the Hickory Ribs.

 Iana, my niece, ordered the Lasagna Roll ups.

We just can't leave without trying out their famous Banoffee pie. I got us a slice for sharing. And it was a good decision to share! 
Not only can Banapple boast of their large servings which are actually ideal for sharing,  but their dishes are flavorful and well seasoned,  as well.  Not to mention that their dishes are very very reasonably priced!  I know now why the place is always packed with happy clients.
Will we come back for more?  Oh,  most definitely.   Those pies I saw were divine.  And everything else on the menu looked very sumptuous.  Definitely worth coming back for.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Belkin For Iphone

One good thing about the coming of iPhone 5 for us,  iPhone 4/4s users,   is that accessories such as housings/casings for our phone are now selling either at discounted prices or you may buy one and get one free!    So I grabbed that chance and dressed my iP4 in this pretty,   two toned Belkin Essential 031.

Dressing Up The Phone 
I love the feel of the material and the way it makes the phone much easier to grip.
Dressing Up The Phone 
Fit is snug.  Color is bright and cheerful making my phone  easy to spot inside my huge bag.
Dressing Up The Phone 
If I were to get another casing next time,   it would probably be a Belkin again.
Dressing Up The Phone

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday, November 12, 2012

Turks' Beef Kebab

Yes,  Turks is not just about shawarma.   I gave their Kebab a try and was more than pleased.   I wouldn't mind trying it again.
I just wished they served them in plates,  though,   and not in boxes,  even for dine-in customers
  Turks' Kebab

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe: Part II

Our second trip to The Chocolate Kiss Cafe allowed us to enjoy more or its famous dishes.   For starters,   we had the Caesar's salad with its thick and tangy signature dressing.
 Beef Salpicao...
Hickory Smoked Spareribs...
Chicken Kiev...
Fish Fillet with Pesto Salsa
You just cannot not have their bottomless homebrewed iced tea...
Go visit TCKC and experience the same food adventure we had.  It is worth the trip. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Donuts N' Dip From Mister Donut

I bought a tub yesterday for snacks and enjoyed it!   
It was the same plain Mister Donut soft chewy goodness in sticks  with a rich and delicious Belgian chocolate dip.
Yes,   the fun part is in the dipping!