Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ted's Batchoy

Whenever I have a craving for a hot filling and satisfying meal, be it lunch, dinner or just a snack, I go to Ted's Old Timer Lapaz Batchoy.

The menu offers a wide variety of choices... batchoy of all kinds... It used to be just batchoy and a few side dishes, but now has rice meals!

I usually order take out of their Special Batchoy packed neatly in a bowl, with the 'sabaw' separately bagged.

Their batchoy is one of the best I've tried... packed with all the sahog... the firm yellow noodles, the meat, those greens and those oh-so-good chicharon bits!

And when you finally add in that distinctly flavorful 'sabaw', you are treated to this deliciously and gastronimically satisfying trip.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was craving for something fruity today. And when I saw this Fruitas booth in Market Market, I gave it a try. I posted about Fruit Magic last year and I thought it would be good to try to check out the competition.

The booth is so colorful and summery.

I asked if pure juices are available but they said no. They only do shakes and other fruit preparations like the Buco halo halo, but no juices. I still tried it anyhow.

From among the fruits available, I decided to try their green mango juice. Must be my hormones, I was craving for something fruity but sour.

The shakes come in different sizes. P35 for the smallest glass, I'd say not bad.

It was fun to watch your fruit get peeled, sliced and osterized. Crushed ice is added halfway, plus sugarwater, then osterized some more.

I was so happy with my green mango shake! It was thick, natural and tasted just the way I want my shake. And it is nutritious too.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Insular Bakery's Eggpie

Eggpie is one of my husband's favorite desserts. And these days, it is hard to find that classic old fashioned goodness.

But at Insular Bakery, located in P. Burgos, Makati, they make perfect eggpies with just the right sweetness and milky creaminess of the firm pie filling, and that chewy bottom layer, and crunchy crusty outer rim... and that golden brown top layer... ahhh.. it is a great snack!

Go ahead, take a bite and indulge.

Insular Bakery Ent., Inc.
#5051 P. Burgos Street,
Makati City, Metro Manila
Phone Number: 632-8968222
Fax Number: 632-8908077

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Excelente Ham

This blog entry is almost a month too late. I wanted to post about Excelente ham last Christmas but a trip there was just impossible during that season. It is always brimming with people during Christmas so I just decided to make my trip last Sunday.
Not just to blog it but to enjoy probably what I would consider as the best ham I have ever tried.

It is along Palanca Street in Quiapo, the same busy street where Quinta Market is.

It is ham cooked the traditional Chinese way, and definitely tasting the way ham should be. Our favorite, of course, is the whole ham but the scrap and sliced varieties are also available.

They offer other products too but we have yet to try most of them. Aside from the ham, we have tried their bacon and they are mighty good too. I hope to make it early next Christmas to avoid the rush.

For me, ham is Excelente and Excelente is ham.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Crab Torta

My crabcakes are probably the most plain looking ones you will see. No extenders, no colorful minced vegetables, no crabshells... They are just all plain crab meat inside out. I love cooking them because they are the easiest and the fastest to make. Not to say really tasty and deelish.

Crab meat can now be bought in groceries and wet markets. I get my stock from Aani Weekend Market where a small pack costs P180-200 each, ready to go... ready to cook.

I mince one whole onion and saute my crab meat with it. I season it with salt and pepper to taste. And then I set it aside to cool for a while.

When cooled, i then add it to one beaten egg and mix very well. Of course the last part would be to shape the mixture into patties and fry.

And the best part is in enjoying the dish.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Goldilocks Chocolate Roll

I grew up knowing that Goldilocks are cakes, and cakes are Goldilocks. And indeed, Goldilocks has come a long long way. New pastry shops have sprung around, but Goldilocks has managed to invent and re-invent itself, not only with new cakes but with new marketing ideas too. (Turo-turo na sha ngayon serving meals!)

I have to admit though that the new pastry shops have whipped up new formulas for creamier, fluffier, and/or spongier sugary delights. But one Goldilocks treat that has never changed and is still one of the best for me, is their classic Chocolate Roll!

Half a roll could yield anywhere from 4-6, or maybe even 8 slices; really depending on your craving meter.

It has just the right bittersweetness of chocolate I am looking for in a cake. And the perfect moistness and fluffiness that just melts in my mouth. I bring home half a roll every now and then. Mon loves it too.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Buddy's Pancit Lucban

I do not wonder anymore why there is always a long line at Buddy's Pancit Lucban branch at the outdoor dining area of Market Market. I do not wonder anymore why they put up with the long wait while their pancit is prepared.

After Mon and I had this for lunch last week, everything was clearer to me now. Pancit this good is something to come back to every time.

Have you ever had vinegar dip with your pancit? Buddy's Lucban serves theirs with a small saucedish of their distinct suka. It blends so well with their pancit, sauteed with pechay, carrots and sayote, and those oh-so-good lechon kawali chunks!

This is one pancit Mon and I will always come back to for more.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Flat Tops

The stripes are still as orange as ever. And the taste has never changed. It is the same chocolate nugget I used to bite into when I was in elementary school decades ago. Long before Hershey's chocolates, Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bars and Nestle Crunch flooded our grocery stalls, Flat Tops was one of the best.

Sari sari stores repack them and sell them in smaller bags of 6 for P10., way way more affordable than imported chocolates.

Sumire saved one for herself right away, while Hana stashed some in her locker ahead of their other Pinky friends! Wise girls!