Thursday, June 30, 2011

Knorr's Ginataang Gulay Mix

I saw this at the grocery the other day and I knew I had to try it. New products like this that help make kitchen life a lot breezier for housewives are always welcome. It saves time and money!
It is made of fine powder that is very easy to use. Mess-free, definitely.

The instructions are likewise very easy to follow. Even kids can understand the steps on the label.

How's the taste? The natural gata is definitely better but this cooking mix definitely came up with a more than decent Ginataang Sitaw with Shrimps. The dish turned out really good, actually! When pressed for time, I wouldn't mind using this again... and again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reyes Barbecue

There can only be one thing better than Reyes Barbecue's Quarter Chicken Meal...

.... it's their combo meal x 4 for only php450! The same quarter chicken barbecue you love with peanut sauce that goes perfect with it, and a cup of their classic java rice plus achara on the side... yes, four of these!

Order a pitcher of iced tea and a bowl of hot sotanghon soup and you will definitely have a feast!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Buco Salad Ice Candy

Whoever said that food has to be expensive to be good hasn't tried these litte frozen delights we buy at a very affordable price at this sari sari store nearby.

For only P5.00 a pop, you get to enjoy this milky creamy frozen treat that is delicately subtly sweet, with bits of real fruit and buco in every bite. Amazingly great snack this is! And healthy, too!

Friday, June 10, 2011



Lunch at Burgoo the other Sunday was both filling and delicious. There were a lot of choices on their menu and it took us quite a while to decide which ones to order.

We were glad that the promo card my brother in law purchased was honored at their branch in SM North EDSA . It does work!

We leisurely doodled and drew on our placemats with crayons that were provided while waiting for our food. It is a cool idea, actually, specially if you have kids who might get bored while waiting.


Our Jambalay and Ribs and Shrimps and Ribs came! And we had a feast.

Using the promo card, we only had to pay for one of these scrumptious dishes! Plus, for every order of a glass of bottomless iced tea, you get another glass, free! Unbelievable, right!

The food we ordered was just enough for the four of us that lunch. The promo card is truly worth every cent. You get to enjoy lots of Burgoo's good food and drinks for much much less!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Alpo Variety Snaps Treats

Disney, my three year old shih tzu, is an Alpo furkid. He won't eat or taste anything unless it is made by Alpo. So when I saw this at the grocery the other day, I immediately grabbed a box for Disney!

The box is easy to open with a resealing flap.

Well, when the treats are this colorful and these pretty, what furkid can resist!