Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sango Burger II

I knew this was gonna happen. That the moment I post my entry about Sango, I would be craving for it and would be rushing back to Sango in no time. And so, I did.
We were going to try a different item on the menu but still couldn't resist the call of their classic cheesburger. With a burger as juicy and as tasty as this... how can you?

We ordered the regular Master Fries to go with our burgers while we wait for our take-out. It was a blast! Love the meat sauce on top... the square slices of cheese was perfect and melts in your mouth... catsup and minced onions on the side.... ahhh... loved their fries!

We had the cheesburgers for dine-in and decided to order their Yakiniku Rice Burgers to-go, for dinner.

Tender and juicy slices of grilled beef "wrapped" in soft sticky Japanese rice.... ohhhh, this was an instant favorite! A complete dinner in itself... I would definitely be coming back for more of this!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sango Burger

After drooling at my friends' blogs for the longest time over Sango burger, my husband and I finally had our chance to try it.

We visited their branch in Makati, at the Creekside mall, along Amorsolo St.

It was pretty tough to choose which one to order from among the many pretty burgers on the menu....

We decided to order two of the bestsellers and their basic burger just so we could really get to taste what the rave is all about.

And if there is one of those times that I regret not having brought my digital camera, this has got to be one of them, because my photos don't quite give justice to Sango burger, truly the master burger of them all!

Juicy, meaty, tasty... it is everything that a burger should be, and more!

Don't just sit there and stare at the photos.... Try Sango burger now and know what the rave is all about.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kimono Ken

Kimono Ken Blogged
We were looking for a Japanese at SM The Bloc last Sunday and we had 3 choices... Tokyo Cafe, Teriyaki Boy and Kimono Ken. We first went to Tokyo Cafe but their menu was Japanese Italian and we weren't quite ready to try it. Besides, wanted the traditional Japanese food we love... the donburi and the sashimi. We spotted Kimono Ken next so we checked out their menu by the door. They were serving our favorites so we went in to try.
Kimono Ken BloggedKimono Ken Blogged
Beef Gyudon (left) and Beef Teriyakidon (right)

Kimono Ken Blogged
The sushi bar was right in front of our table where all the pretty sushis were being prepared. Don't you just love the way the Japanese painstakingly prepare their food! It is art in itself, isn't it!

Kimono Ken BloggedKimono Ken Blogged
salmon sushi and tuna sushi

Kimono Ken Blogged
Kani sushi

Kimono Ken BloggedKimono Ken Blogged
It was easy for Tamae to pick out her favorite for the day... Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the California maki and miso soup we ordered... I guess I was too excited to dig in and enjoy.

Kimono Ken BloggedKimono Ken Blogged
The food was pretty good, and definitely pocket friendly. No wonder the place was full and everyone seemed to be enjoying their meal heartily.

Kimono Ken Blogged
Will we be back for seconds at Kimono Ken? I definitely think so.