Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goya's Malt Crunch

A dear friend posted  this on her Instagram and it got me,  being a chocolate lover,   curious to try right away.   If you like Maltesers,  you will probably like Goya's Malt Crunch as well. 
 It comes in the same pillow pack,   and the balls are just about the same size.   Even the bite and the consistency are the same.
Maltesers' chocolate coating would still be the better tasting one,  though Goya's chocolate isn't that bad at all.   Both their  crunchy honeycomb centers taste the same.   The malt taste is definitely there.  And for the price,   I would say Goya's is truly quite a steal.  Thanks for recommending this,  Mindy dear!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

SanDisk Cruzer Pop

I was supposed to go to CDR-King store in Greenhills,  Virra Mall today  to get me a usb memory stick for my files on my laptop.   But on the way,   I saw this SanDisk Cruzer Pop 4G memory stick displayed at one of the stores priced at only php299!
The size and the colorful design got me,  so  I decided to buy this instead.   And I was even more pleased at its mechanical design.  
  It is wafer thin and cap-less.   And it bends right at the middle where a hinge is placed.   As you bend it all the way back,   out pops the USB thingie that you insert into the port.  Just unbend it and everything pops back in place.
So pretty,  don't you agree?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bon Appetea

 Hubs and I were finaly able to visit Bon Appetea tea place  here along Dona Soledad Avenue inside Better Living Subdvision.   He ordered Green Matcha with Salt and Cheese while I had the Cocoa with salt and cheese.
Bon Appetea 
Their dedication board seemed to be packed with fans,  sukis and happy clients.   But somehow,   it was just alright for us.   We weren't exactly jumping up and down as high as when we had our taste of Happy Lemon,  but it was a'yt.
Wondering,  though,  why it is pricier than Happy Lemon,  and why the salt and cheese froth flavors had to be covered and sealed when they would be better enjoyed when sipped.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

At Pizza Hut With Sibs

What makes dining at Pizza Hut great?
It is not just the crust... 

It is not just the meatballs.
It is not just the dip...
And it is not just the dressing.
It is most definitely the company.   
Meals at Pizza Hut are made even greater when enjoyed with siblings.   

Don't you agree?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cake Planet & Cafe

This post is long overdue.   I got this cake as  birthday gift  several months back,   and I only had the chance to blog this now as I have been so busy with work and non-work stuff.  :) 
 When I read the box,    the cake shop's name didn't really ring a bell.   It is not a very commercialized and not a very well advertised bakeshop .    In fact,   I didn't even know that it was right along Dona Soledad Avenue here inside Better Living Subdivision and that  I pass right  by it,    each and every day!
It seemed like any other chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  
But when I sliced through it,  I knew I was in for a chocoblastic experience.  And,  indeed,   I did!
It is everything you would want in a slice of heavenly chocolate cake... bittersweet... soft... moist... in every crumb.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turk's Shawarma

The lines are always long at Turk's Shawarma in SM Manila and SM Centerpoint,  thus,  I have never tried it ever.   So I was ecstatic to find that they opened at SM Bicutan,   the SM nearest us!  And as expected,  off   I went yesterday!

Pita bread and the meat rack... 

Add-ons of your choice.  For me,    everything in it,  except for the cucumber.  

Service is fast.   I had my shawarma all wrapped and ready to go in just a few minutes.

Now I know why there are long lines.   The meat is tender,   very tasty,   and seasoned well.   On the sweet side.   Each bite is packed with all the stuffing,   hindi bitin.

Their shawarma was rolled into a cone,  rather than the usual rolled shawarmas I see.   It is good this way.  Eating is mess free even up to the last bite.   No spills.   No sticky fingers to lick.  Hahaha.

Will I come back for more?  Oh,  defnitely!  Will probably try their kebabs and rice meals next time.