Friday, September 21, 2012

Gumbo: Part II

It has been years since we last dined at Gumbo in Mall of Asia.   This time,  we visited their branch in Robinsons Manila.  And we are happy to note that nothing much has changed;   except that there are more branches now. 
The interiors are pretty much the same.   Clean and bright.    Same feel.  Same ambience.  Service is fast and friendly.  

We were the first customers to arrive that noon  so we were able to choose our table and picked the one with  the rounded cushioned sofa.
The complimentary appetizer came.  It was a pair of freshly baked bread with garlic oil dip.  I just wished they served more since there were four of us dining that day.
And then the feast arrived.   Two huge platters that had all the great grilled goodness you can think of... and more.
Underneath all that glorious food was  our rice,   veggies  and some grilled mussels.
Our bellies blessed us that day.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitchen Timer

For less than a hundred pesos,  I got this very useful and very pretty kitchen timer that is so easy to use and very practical to have around.  
Kitchen Timer
It has a LED display showing the minutes and seconds of the time.   There are only three buttons in front that are all self explanatory.  Setting the time and alarm is really very  simple.
 Kitchen Timer
There is a power button and a battery compartment in the back.  When not in use,  it makes for  a perfect refrigerator door magnet.
Kitchen Timer 
From steeping  coffee to boiling pasta,   to searing steaks,   to simmering dishes,  and yes,  even aerobic exercising,    this tiny litte timer has proven to be a nifty littel gadget that is great to have around the house,    and  isn't just for the kitchen.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Big Time Meals from 7-Eleven

These are two of 7-Eleven's latest addition to its growing set meals served hot and  ready to go.  Hubs and I tried them out and they are both surprisingly good and filling!
 7-Eleven's 7-Eleven's


I can't wait for more.  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I like dining at Gotti's.  Aside from the good food and reasonable prices,   their set meals give their diners the choice and combination they want!Gotti's 
Mix and match their dishes  to your desired combination.Gotti's
If I recall it right,   each combo meal even comes with a free drink!
Everyone goes home happy and full.  Servings aren't too small;  Neither are they too huge.
This was my plate that night.  Pizza,  Calamari,  Pesto pasta!  I went home with a happy tummy!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Food was definitely good at Elias.   The ambiance was impressive.  I love restaurants with bright lights and cheerful interiors.
The menu boasts of almost all the native dishes we,  as Filipinos,  love to eat and love to cook.   Sorry if I couldn't quite recall the exact names of the dishes on the menu.   A couple of dishes even managed to miss my camera's probing lens. 
Kare Kare
Platter of everything grilled
 Elias Restaurant 
Lechon kawali with Kangkong
  Elias Restaurant Elias Restaurant 
The dishes come with an array of 'sawsawans' you can choose from.
  Elias Restaurant 
It is always green mango shake for me.
It was  a good meal for me and my friends that night.  Overall,   the food,  though,   wasn't really the best I have tried.    And yes,   the prices are steep.   I have definitely been treated to better meals in the past,   some even homecooked.  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pot Pourri Oil

Scented oils are new to me.  I have never tried them before because I back then,  stuff needed to set it up weren't that easy to find in stores .  But a friend suggested I do try now because these days,    everything  I will need is readily available in the malls.
The oils come in oh so many cool scents of different kinds  that choosing the right scent for me was actually part of the fun.  I went for the basic orange scent for starters.   But  will surely get  other scents as well.   For php99,   they're quite affordable if you ask me.   A small bottle will last a long time anyway.
I got my oil burner from a Japanese shop for only php66.   They,  too, come in different designs and colors to go perfectly with your room.
It is perfectly designed to fit the tea light at the bottom and the deep dish where you put in the mixture of a few drops of water and oil.
Enough of my expensive sprays and room perfumes.   Scented oils are the way to go.  It is stylish.  It need not be expensive.  And it smells oh so good!