Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kimmy Dora

If there is one movie I would recommend everyone to watch, that would be Eugene Domingo's first solo starrer Kimmy Dora. I had tons of fun watching this. I haven't laughed that much watching a local comedy film as I have in KD... I love everything about it... from the costume design, to the witty script, to the storyline, to the cast, and yes, Eugene Domingo's acting.... She is truly one gem in the business.
This I would want to watch over and over. It is a great pick-me-upper anytime of the day. I gotta get me an original DVD when it gets released, hopefully, soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eat & Go

It was an extra- crowded Sunday the last time we went to Megamall and it was my first time to see the new wing, the Atrium. It wasn't easy finding a good dining spot. Everywhere we go was packed with people so, when we saw Eat & Go still with a few free tables, we rushed in.
Eat & Go,  Megamall Atrium

The self service counter is very welcoming with very friendly staff ready to take your orders.
Eat & Go,  Megamall Atrium

You may opt to sit in these bar stools or go for the usual table setting. I personally love the brightly lit and brightly colored clean interiors.
Eat & Go,  Megamall Atrium

Aaaaah... the food... these are some of the items on the menu that we tried that day.
Eat & Go,  Megamall AtriumEat & Go,  Megamall Atrium
The Beef London Pie came with the side dish of spaghetti (you get to choose).... The sesame baby back rib was not as tender as we wanted but good enough... The salmon dish was great and didn't disappoint... sorry, I wasn't able to take a picture, though.

Eat & Go,  Megamall Atrium
They also have chilled ready to open salad boxes that come in different varieties that comes with a small tub of dressing right inside. We tried the Asian and the Garden Salad... they were both alright. fresh and crispy...
Eat & Go,  Megamall AtriumEat & Go,  Megamall Atrium
The meal turned out better than we were expecting from a fairly new restaurant. For the price which was very pocket friendly, the food was really all worth the visit.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Shakey's was the leading name in pizzalandia during my younger years. Today, more than a dozen pizza places have sprouted yet Shakey's has somehow managed to stay.

Shakey's Blogged
My hubby likes this... two-piece chicken with gravy... comes with gravy and a cup of rice...
Shakey's Blogged

And this is my all-time favorite...their thin-crust Garlic and Cheese pizza! It may be the cheapest pizza on the menu but this one never fails to make me and my tummy happy!
Shakey's BloggedShakey's Blogged

And now that Shakey's does deliver, too, we can enjoy all these treats right in the comfort of our home! Dial the number and order your favorite pizza now.
Shakey's Blogged

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dencio's, Marikina Riverbanks

It was a hot day in Marikina Riverbanks and we were looking for some good food for lunch. We spotted Dencio's with its cool eyecatching glass facade and glass walls.
One may choose to dine by the terrace with the perfect view of the river; but on a hot and humid day like that, we opted to eat inside the restaurant with the breath of fresh A/C!
Sacchin was glad to find out that Dencio's now offers different set meals for you to choose from. It surely saves everyone the hassle of choosing and mix matching this dish with this and that dish.

Aaaaah... the stars of the day... the food!
Bicol ExpressGambas
All for a little over a thousand bucks, with a pitcher of iced tea to boot, there was sizzling bicol express... spicy gambas...

Binagoongang kangkongSinigang
... binagoongang kangkong... sinigang na liempo...

and the lead star of them all, Dencio's famous sisig!

The food was great... filling, hearty...