Monday, December 29, 2008

So Long, Major...

It was time to let go... time to end his pain... time to set him free. Though it hurt , it was the best thing to do for Major.

The eight years he spent with us is enough to last us with fond memories of laughter and cheers we had with him as part of our family, our home.

Thank you, Major, for touching our lives. You will never be forgotten, I promise. And one day, we will meet again... and on that day, we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together. So long... for now...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Miss Blogging

I haven't posted new items in a while and I miss blogging so much. But it is just too impossible to do with my very hectic schedule this Yuletide season with all the guests we have from abroad.
I will be getting back to blogging soon. But for now, I would have to content myself with reading and enjoying my blogging friends' blogs.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cadbury Milk Chocolate

Cadbury is one of the locally available brands of chocolate candy that I love. It has the right amount of chocolate-y-ness and creaminess that it truly melts in your mouth and fingertips.

I was glad to see this box of dairy milk bars.... small and bite sized.... each fun sized bar stays fresh because it is individually wrapped.

Even Yotsuba couldn't resist!

This packaging will give Hershey's kisses a good competition.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Burger King

It has been quite a while since Mon and I visited Burger King. And when we passed by their Mall of Asia branch one Friday, we decided to dine in, hoping for a good eat.
The interior was bright and inviting. I was glad to see that the tables weren't crowded and the whole area wasn't cramped. There were a lot of wi-fi users seated in the farthest tables enjoying their meal and techie time.

And so we ordered... we were disappointed to find out that they don't offer bottomless drinks anymore. We used to choose BK over the rest of the burger chains precisely because of this offer.
And then our food came.....

Mon had the Whopper Jr. meal while I had the Cheese Burger with Bacon meal. And after having just visited Dayrit's before this, I would say BK let us down this time.

For the price, the burger looked so small... I couldn't find a good angle to shoot at it to show the patty itself... then, the presentation was so poor that the "palaman" looked so sloppily layered... not very appetizing, as you can see.

Finally, the taste... we used to love its grilled taste and juiciness., but there just wasn't much in it. To me, there was nothing special. I don't mind paying much for food as long as I get my money's worth.

Gee, their wi-fi was free but I couldn't get it to work with my Palm! Oh well...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I used to frequent this place decades ago when it was in its old location in the old Magallanes complex. Its burgers and its roast beef dishes have been the family's favorite. And ever since it moved to its new site in the "new" Magallanes complex, I haven't been back.... until last month.

the interiors have changed...

the prices have soared...

.... but the tender and juicy beefy goodness has stayed pretty much the same...

... the serving is big enough for a full meal... bite after bite of that beefy flavor leaves me craving for more...

There will be more trips for sure. And there are now lots more to try on their menu... But if you ask me, I'd stick with anything on the menu that has roastbeef in it.