Friday, October 30, 2009

Gourmet's Palate Charbroiled Burgers

I have read so much raves about Gourmet's Palate Charbroiled Burgers so my hubby and I set off for BF Homes in Paranaque to try it out for ourselves that afternoon.
The place is right along the main road and shouldn't be that hard to find. It is quite cramped inside with only 5 small tables. Well, there is always the option to enjoy your meal outdoors or best yet, order your food to-go.

For our first trip, hubby tried their Classic Burger. For its price (P72.), it was unbelievably big and the patty was suprisingly thick, juicy and meaty, served hot and freshly grilled.
Oh, and need I say that the taste is just so delicious you would find yourself finishing the huge burger in just a few minutes in just a few equally huge bites! Truly charbroiled to perfection!

I wanted to try something else from the menu and decided to have the Soft Taco which was really affordable at only P42. a pop!

Ahhhh, someone should have warned me that they have delicious tacos as well! Soft, easy to bite, very juicy and very flavorful! This was also gone in no time!

This food place is definitely a must-try. Affordable good food such as this should be made known to everyone. Spread the word!

There are lots of other items on the menu which we are surely going to try in our future visits to Gourmet's Palate Charbroiled Burgers.

Yes, they do deliver.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Serye Revisited

It is still exciting to revisit restaurants you have been to in order to try out new items on their menu in the hope of reliving that happy-meal-feel the first time you were there.

Serye 2:  Blogged
But choosing which items to go with each other is such a difficult and confusing task. Somehow, we again managed to get the perfect combination that day and had a feast that is right on the budget, yet satiates the tastebuds as well!

Serye 2:  BloggedSerye 2:  Blogged
... Sinigang na tyan ng bangus... sour soup, veggies and seafood...

Serye 2:  BloggedSerye 2:  Blogged
....Sisig... always sizzling hot...

Serye 2:  Blogged
The platter.... of camaron rebosado, lumpiang shanghai and pinsec frito.... 4 of each kind... perfect sweet and sour dip to go with it.

Serye 2:  BloggedSerye 2:  BloggedSerye 2:  Blogged

Hana wonders if there will be a third visit... I wonder, too.
Serye 2:  Blogged

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Blogged:  Razon's Halo Halo
If you haven't tried Razon's halo halo, then you haven't tried the best. Their branch along Banawe Avenue is a neat and cozy two-storey place, not too cramped with bright interiors.
Blogged:  Razon's Halo HaloBlogged:  Razon's Halo Halo

It is more spacious upstairs where there are actually more tables available.
Blogged:  Razon's Halo HaloBlogged:  Razon's Halo Halo

Service is fast. You pay as you order downstairs... and your order comes in no time at all!
Blogged:  Razon's Halo HaloBlogged:  Razon's Halo Halo

Don't let that simple looks fool you. Surely, it is not as coloful as Digman nor Chowking.... but dip your spoon into that finely shaved ice and mix it with that oh so creamy milk until the leche flan blends well with the sweetened saba bits at the bottom of that tall glass to make your first spoonful of Razon's halo halo goodness... and you will know what I mean.
Blogged:  Razon's Halo HaloBlogged:  Razon's Halo Halo

Truly, looks can be deceiving... This is probaly the most plain-looking halo halo I have ever seen... but definitely one of the best I have had.
Blogged:  Razon's Halo Halo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Samurai Takoyaki Balls

This is the only brand of takoyaki balls I have ever known and grown to love. I haven't had this for the longest time and I was so glad to find this in Market Market mall... It has stood the test of time and has stayed in business all these years!
Samurai BloggedSamurai Blogged

I never knew what went inside each Samurai ball so I consider myself lucky that day when I was given the chance to watch how a fresh batch of balls is made from scratch.
Samurai BloggedSamurai Blogged
... bits of octopus or squid, maybe... dried shrimp... veggie bits....

Samurai BloggedSamurai Blogged

As the halves cook, they are tilted to one side as more of the batter is poured, enough to make balls when they are done.
Samurai BloggedSamurai Blogged

Almost done but not quite... a few more magical strokes here and there.... and lo and behold... they are now balls ready for packing!
The balls are packed in 3's... the sauce is poured in... and the final touch.... the balls are dusted with fish powder... The taste hasn't changed... best when enjoyed hot and freshly made... For only P28. per order, defnitely a steal.
Samurai Blogged