Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nokia 6300

I have been a Samsung user for the past 3 years and I have been happy. That is why when the time to replace it with a new one came, I was worried that I might not find another phone that would suit my needs and would make me happy, if not more.

I picked the Nokia 6300 from among the sea of phone models around. It has a sleek slim design that I like with that smooth cool metallic body…. very corporate looking …. And will fit inside even my slimmest tiniest handbag.

It may not have the features that others would want in a phone…. just a 2 megapixel non-flash camera… a decent video… a more than decent mp3 player are the top features…. Which some may not be happy with.

But as long as I can make calls and text messages with it, and as long as it has a bright screen with great colors plus T9 input, I am more than happy. And this phone offers me with so much more, and yet again, not too much. See, I got two… Mon loved it too and decided to get one as well!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yellow Cab Pizza

It has been quite some time since Mon and I had Yellow Cab Pizza. We decided to check out the Dona Soledad Branch in Paranaque the other night.

Self-service... Fast...Friendly. Not bad.

The place is still well-lit and inviting with cool interiors.

We ordered the 10-inch New York's Finest pizza which came inside their signature YCP box.

Their pizza is actually good. I guess any pizza served hot would be good. A bit on the salty side though when compared with Brooklyn Pizza.

I eat my pizza with my fingers so forks and knives weren't really necessary. It would have been better though if they served real ones rather than disposable ones.

Oh, and they have the most adorable delivery scooters in town!

Surely, this wouldn't be our last trip to Yellow Cab Pizza.

Friday, February 15, 2008

My Coby

If there is one gadget that I do not regret having bought last year, I would say it is my Coby Dvd Player. It is now one year old and still working fine.

I bought it mainly for its portability. It is like taking a movie with you anywhere you go.... in the car.... in the office.... in the park.... even in the comfort of my bed.... a real practical choice.

I chose the most basic model with the most basic buttons and commands. As long as it plays movies, music and home videos, it is fine by me. It even comes with its own remote control and earplugs.

Ask Ren. That is if you can get her to leave her seat in front of the Coby. She hates to be disturbed during a movie.... Hahaha...

Monday, February 11, 2008


I saw this booth by the grocery section of Market Market last week and I gave it a try.

The booth is colorful and eye-catching.

The counter is uncluttered and simple. It offers squid and only squid... either in rings or sticks. And the squid lover in me couldn't resist a bit or two.

I ordered squid rings as this is one of the more popular street foods these days. Surprisingly, Calamares' rings were good; a lot better and tastier (not malansa) than the stuff we buy by the roadside.

It is a bit more pricey than the street calamari but I'll take this one over it anytime.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ma Mon Luk

I have just recently discovered Ma Mon Luk restaurant along Quezon Avenue near Banawe. I have long heard about this restau when I was still small and I never thought it is still open after all these years!

Walk into the restaurant and travel back in time! No airconditiong... high ceiling... back to back seating... square tables... look around you and you are just brought back to the 50's.

Framed magazine articles and newspaper clippings are hung on the walls. Interesting articles and features showcasing that they have come a long way.

I know I should be rambling about their famous siopao and mami. But I think everyone knows about it already. So what I would like to feature here are our other favorites in their menu.

The pancit canton is just to die-for, if you ask me. The blend of the veggies, the meats and their very very tasty noodles (they make their own, I bet) is just delicious.

Their fried chicken is another favorite. I wanted a bigger bird but theirs is packed with tastiness which makes up for its 'littleness'. It comes with catsup but I always ask for their sweet and sour sauce, the red one. It is the perfect match for their chicken.

Little did I know that it was going to be a favorite.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Goldilocks Brazo de Mercedes

This is probably one of the cakes I have always seen since I was a little girl. Another one of Goldilocks classic treats, I always get a half roll every now and then of Brazo de Mercedes.

Goldilocks boxes now open on the side, for easy slipping in and out of what's left of the cake and storing in the ref. That's if there is any more left.

This is Mon's favorite. While mine is the chocolate roll. So I buy them alternately so we will both be happy.

Through the years, Goldilocks Brazo de Mercedes has stayed as deelish as ever. Still with the spongy soft outer white layer and the sweet creamy yummy yellow core... no wonder it is still rules.