Saturday, June 19, 2010

Luck Garden Seafoods Tea House and Restaurant

It is another good find here in QC; not easy to find but definitely worth the trip.

Spacious interiors... large tables... relatively fast service.. and free tea.

First came the refreshments and the appetizers. Yes, they do serve a japanese inspired dimsum... interesting, eh!

Then came our Hototay soup... hot and delicious.

Our Chinese restau maintstay would have to be the Yang Chow fried rice, Fish fillet,

Fried Chicken and Pancit Canton...
Everything was how we want our Chinese food to be.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Nestle From Russia

A friend gave me a bar. Her Dad had just arrived from a trip to Russia and he had these and more for pasalubongs.

I looked closer at it and realized that it is unmistakably Russian made because I couldn't understand a single word written on the wrapping!

Yes, they do make Neste chocolates in Russia, too. And you know what? It is just as delicious!