Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Big Blue Exhibition

This is a replica of a baby Blue Whale which was exhibited at Market Market last January thru the efforts of National Geographic. I was lucky to be walking around the mall when I saw this amazing sight before me.

It was enormous and beautiful!

I enjoyed taking photos of it from different angles and from different floors of the mall.

LCD screens and posters provided facts and trivia about the blue whale.

(clicking on the image might show a much bigger photo)
Artworks made by children who were inspired by the exhibit were likewise on display.

I consider myself lucky to have seen this. I hope a lot of people were as lucky as I was. It was very informative and well organized. And yes, it was for free.


  1. It looks so majestic! You were lucky to see it indeed. :-)

  2. @Manila Girl: i really was. to think i didnt even know it was being exhibited that day!

  3. Is Market Market a market? I guess it is a mall, but even then, for them to take the effort to showcase the blue whale is a worthwhile undertaking. May pag-asa pa ang mundo dahil may mga taong "who cares."