Friday, June 11, 2010

Nestle From Russia

A friend gave me a bar. Her Dad had just arrived from a trip to Russia and he had these and more for pasalubongs.

I looked closer at it and realized that it is unmistakably Russian made because I couldn't understand a single word written on the wrapping!

Yes, they do make Neste chocolates in Russia, too. And you know what? It is just as delicious!


  1. I'm guessing (based on the picture) that it's almonds and hazelnut...?

  2. im not good with nuts... and my guess would be almonds... im not much of a hazelnut fan... but then again, i cant be sure. but the bar did taste great! thanks for dropping by my blog, J.

  3. hi, bianca!
    i was kinda surprised din na made in russia Neste tasted just as great as the US made... really! akala ko weird ang lasa. hahaha.... but it was really creamier than i was expecting.

  4. You made me crave for chocolate! :P

  5. ay, biancs, ako, laging may craving for chocolate... 24/7. hahaha...