Friday, July 23, 2010

Magic Jack

Whoever invented this little thingie is a genius! It is small and easy to use. Just plug it into your usb port when online, jack a phone into it, and dial! It is truly that simple!

For $20.00 a year, you get to be in touch with friends and relatives in the U.S. as often and as long as you like! The best thing about it.... it works!


  1. Wow! Is the reverse true? I can get in touch with my relatives, friends, and enemies in Pinas as long, and as often as I like?

  2. oh yes, definitely vise versa, bertN!
    when my sister purchased this Magic Jack in Arizona, it had already a dedicated phone number with it with the Arizona country code.

    and whenever I am online and have the MJ plugged into my laptop here in manila, she can call me for as long as im logged on. direct dial pa since same area code kami... yes, it rings, too!

    amazing talaga, and unbelievably money-saving!

    you just have to find a way to send the MJ to manila. fedex, DHL.. lots of ways, actually. not that difficult.