Thursday, September 16, 2010

Selecta Gold Series

These are two of my favorites among the Selecta's Gold series of ice cream. They have just the right amount of creaminess and sweetness with huge chunks of strawberry strawberries and chocolate truffles blended in to give you the perfect scoop each and everytime! They truly deserve to be called frozen delights!



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Golden, indeed.


  1. i've just tried the chocolate truffles last year. i love it. i was supposed to try the pistachio one pero inubos ng friend ko eh, ayun di ko din sya hinatian ng chocolate truffles. hehe

  2. syel, ang sarap talaga diba? tamang tama yung creaminess and tamis. hindi overwhelming. tapos yung truffles pa. yum! hehehe, solohin mo talaga.LOL!
    im not a strawberry fan pero masarap din yung Berry SB nila. try mo din next time.

  3. ay, J, they really deserve the Gold label. they really taste as great as they look.

  4. hi, bianca. they choco truffles is really good. try mo. ive switched to magnolia actually. pero pag gold series nila, selecta rules pa din. :))

  5. nako fave ko yan choco truffles, nauubos ko yung biggest size hahaha...ero in 3 days naman....namiss ko naman...

  6. oo nga, giz, favorite mo nga! LOL!... parang gusto ko nga ulit bumili bukas na bukas din.. natakam ako! hahaha...

  7. Hay naku, up to now BF and I haven't tried any Gold series! Hirap kasi ibili sa Supermarket, when we get home tunaw na, hehe. Parang the texture gets a little different once in melts down, even if you freeze it again, or is that just me?

    By the way, followed your advise about James Patterson and I bought my first book!

    Here! :)

  8. i get what you mean, madz.. kaya nga ako, when i buy sa grocery, thats the last item i get. buti na lang sa SM, nasa labas na ang ice cream counter. so what i do, i pay it sa cashier, and then i get a new tub from the bottom of the freezer.
    then i rush home agad. ;-)
    nagiging parang sherbet kasi ang consistency pag na-re-freeze ang melted ice ream diba?

  9. lorns, thanks for dropping by. seeing this page again made me crave for ice cream din tuloy! hahaha