Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mupicin: Topical Antibiotic for Kids?

Is it BFAD approved?

It is antibiotic.
It is scented.
And, it is a spray...

But nothing on the label provides vital information that should come with everything pharmaceutical. I was afraid to try this. Not until I see a BFAD approved anywhere on its label will I try it out.


  1. What's BFAD? Is that the equivalent of our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) here?

  2. J, yup, packaging is cool. plus, kids wouldnt be squeamish when spraying it. when i was a kid, i hated it when my mom had to touch my wound when applying ointments and stuff. i just wish this was really BFAD approved. the label doesnt say anything eh...

    bertN, exactly. BFAD stands for Bureau of Food and Drug. all pharmaecuticals and food products ata have to secure approvals before releasing them in the market.