Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pantene's Total Damage Care Intensive Treatment

I made the switch. It used to be only Creamsilk conditioner for my chemically treated hair. But when a friend suggested that I try Pantene's Total Damage Care Intensive Treatment, I followed her advice and was happy with the result.

My dry, stiff, chemically relaxed hair was definitely more manageable, softer, and more 'bagsak' now. I think I will stick it out with Pantene from now on.


  1. I read somewhere that it is recommended to switch brands every once in a while. I tried Pantene too, but it is too strong for me. Nagkaka-danruff ako sa Pantene. :-(

  2. J, hiyangan din siguro talaga no? and yes, parang may ganung effect nga na the hair seems to develop sort of an immunity to the product kaya switching brands is a good idea... ;)