Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Lemon

I have been reading so many raves about Happy Lemon for so many months now but never really tried to visit,   until last week,  when hubs and I leisurely spent one holiday afternoon in Greenhills.   
Seeing the long queue at the counter,    we almost changed our minds.   But the sweltering heat that day was too much and we had to have something to cool us off.
And, boy,   was I glad we persisted.   I am not much of a fan of tea drinks,  much more milk tea drinks.   But if this is how they taste,   then I am a huge fan now.  
Ordering wasn't easy though.   You are confronted by a long list of items on the menu plus all the possible add-ons you might want.     So I just asked the girl at the counter for their bestsellers and  I went for the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese froth on top.   
Best enjoyed sipped straight from the cup,  it is so creamy but subtly sweet with that tinge of cocoa in every sip.  It was soooo good  I am now craving for more.  :)
Everyone should try this.   Happy Lemon would surely have the perfect blend for your taste.    (Maybe hubs will try the Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese next time.) 


  1. tried one of their drink before, it was OK.. but i think i prefer chatime or gong cha more:)

    1. oooh! gong cha is the best daw... and chatime is close second. ill try them, too... soon. scared lang ako sa mga too tea-ish na varieties. im more of a choco girl kasi eh. ;)

  2. I "passed" on their drink when we visited Pinas a few months ago. Maybe I shouldn't have. But I enjoyed Gong Cha. Sa HK nga lang, di ko na-try ang Gong Cha sa Pinas. I am sure pareho din timpla hehehe.

    1. J, I am all the more intrigued with Gong cha tuloy. everyone is really raving about it. even my young niece wants to try. i bet it is even better than Happy Lemon! :)