Sunday, July 7, 2013

Papa John's Pizza

Maybe we were just expecting too much.  We were so excited to find this huge pizza oozing with toppings and cheese when we opened the box.   It was good, alright.  Good but not really that great.  A bit sweet for our taste.   We still prefer our pizzas salty,  oily and a bit on the "maasim" side to sweet. 
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  1. I like their super papa pizza :) masarap yung cheesesticks nila, parang cheese pizza na itsura, P99 lang hehehe

    1. The super papa was what we ordered. Yup, impressive naman ang toppings and size. and the price! Hindi tinipid. Medyo matamis lang ang timpla ng konti for our taste. We did order the cheesesticks din! Kasi ganda ng price at P99 diba. :) We liked the butter garlic dip ba yun? Yum!

  2. Replies
    1. Nomnom! Hehehe, ill be able to post the breadsticks next time. :)