Thursday, August 1, 2013

Adobo Connection

We were finally able to try Adobo Connection at their Robinsons Magnolia branch last Sunday.  There was quite a number of adobo varieties to choose from and deciding which to try didn't come easy. 
I finally decided to have the Chicken Adobo sa Gata,  while hubs tried their Adobo Flakes.
My adobo sa gata was pretty good.  It was very creamy and the flavors blended really well.   The adobo flakes were good, too,  although I would have wanted it a tad saltier.  Will we come back for seconds?  I think so.  There are still several items on the menu that looked interesting.


  1. I liked their fish and tofu adobo. Their adobo pasta was not so good though

    1. Hi, K. The ones we tried were okay naman. Nothing really special. It is afterall adobo pa din which we can easily make at home. But masarap naman. Ill try the fish and tofu next tme. I havent tried making seafood adobo eh. :)