Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sugarhouse has been around for quite some time now but it was only about a month ago that I got to try it at the Greenhills branch.

The interiors... inviting, bright and cheerful.... comfortable and not cramped.

The three of us tried their famous ensaymada... it was good. But I still liked Mary Grace ensaymadas more.

My brother in law had the French Apple Pie which was alright, a bit sweet but alright.-y.

For drinks, we had the hot tea, the green mango juice and a cup of black coffee.

My order was their hot chocolate which was one of the best I have tried. Aaahh, so chocolatey, so thick and creamy... and foamy! That was one heavenly beverage for a chocoholic like me.

For the taste, a bit pricey, if you ask me. Will I be back? Hmmmm... not very soon, I think.


  1. Ahh! This is where I specifically get the Mango Tortes I often crave for! :)

  2. This is FAVORITE bake shop! Because its the only one that carries my favorite Crunch Cake (its by advance order na ngayon). Grrr...

  3. wasn't pleased w/ their food either. when i ordered their chicken pesto sandwich, it took them almost 45 mins. to serve considering that there are just 2-3 occupied tables that time (Glorietta branch). when i got my order, I was so disappointed w/ the food. i was expecting a grilled chicken w/ pesto on bread, but what i got was a plain chicken salad sandwich. when i checked if it did have pesto, WALA! argh, had to return it then the waiter came back w/ my order and they place a tiny amout of pesto and reheted the bread. but it was on french bread so the bread was as hard as a rock. ugh, swore i'll never come back.. >:(

  4. oh, green mango juice!!!! miss na miss ko na yan! the hot chocolate looks very inviting. apt ba ung name ng na sugarhouse because everything is sweet? :)

  5. mindy and canDishhh, maybe next time id try their cakes. siguro id be much happier. thanks for the recomms.

    Bianca, i didnt try their hot dishes... just the famous ensaymada... no one was jumping up and down either afterwards, kaya im not sure if we would come back pa.

    syel, naku, that chocolate saved the day for me! sobrang saraaaap! sugar overload talaga pero chocolate packed din... that one, id love to have a repeat of.

  6. me too... it's really been a long time since i last visited sugar house... :)

  7. I could not remember how the food tasted the last time I was there.
    The hot chocolate looked so delicious

  8. mikky, our last time was oh soooo looong agooo na din... forgot na about it actually.
    parang first time lang namin that time.

    lagaan, yes, the choco was so gooood! sinfully good!