Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mary Grace Ensaymadas

This red box is probably one of our favorite presents we got last Christmas; a very welcome food discovery for the new year.

The box contains half a dozen of individually wrapped ensaymadas that may look quite ordinary.

But unwrap one tiny package of Mary Grace ensaymada and you will surely be taken for a gastronomically delicious ride! There is definitely nothing ordinary about it!

Fresh, soft and almost melting in the mouth, moist and with just the right amount of sweetness, topped with grated cheese .... (which to my guess, would be quezo de bola?)

Finish one piece and you would definitely crave for another. And in our case, we definitely did.... crave for another box!


  1. parang it melts in your mouth... not in your hand? ganun siguro lasa.. ;)

  2. Love ko yan Mary Grace ensaymadas! Kakamiss!! Definitely one of my first stops when I get home.

  3. hello!!! my kids love their cheese rolls, i used to buy them from bazaars, P14 lang before... now x2 na :) happy chinese new year to you...

  4. mimi, yup, ganun na nga.. hihihi... you wont stop at just one piece. ;-)

    may, sarap diba? yes, do come for a vacation ulit para makapag Mary Grace ka ulit. did you go to their restaurant at Serendra? nice place daw.

    princess_dyanie, yes, garantisado. specially if you love quezo de bola.

    mikky, i tried their cheese rolls, too, and loved it also! will get a box of that next time. happy chinese new year, too!

  5. try heating it in the oven toaster sobrang sarap!!!

  6. yum yum, i forgot to eat ensaymada...nagutom tuloy ako. gong xi fa cai!

  7. i love their cheeserolls

  8. love their cheese rolls!! :)

  9. I love the last photo. Talagang naubos si Mary Grace. LOL.

  10. anonymous, ill try that next time. im sure there will be a next time and a next. :-)

    syel, yummy sha talaga... try it. happy chi-new year din!

    gourmandtales and u8mypinkcookies, ay, yes, the cheeserolls are mighty good, too! will try to blog them next time din. :-)

    dyosa, ay oo, mabilis pa sa alas cuatro yan naubos! as in walang natira! hahaha...