Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sango Burger II

I knew this was gonna happen. That the moment I post my entry about Sango, I would be craving for it and would be rushing back to Sango in no time. And so, I did.
We were going to try a different item on the menu but still couldn't resist the call of their classic cheesburger. With a burger as juicy and as tasty as this... how can you?

We ordered the regular Master Fries to go with our burgers while we wait for our take-out. It was a blast! Love the meat sauce on top... the square slices of cheese was perfect and melts in your mouth... catsup and minced onions on the side.... ahhh... loved their fries!

We had the cheesburgers for dine-in and decided to order their Yakiniku Rice Burgers to-go, for dinner.

Tender and juicy slices of grilled beef "wrapped" in soft sticky Japanese rice.... ohhhh, this was an instant favorite! A complete dinner in itself... I would definitely be coming back for more of this!


  1. doc, di mo natiis mag-round 2 sa Sango! :D i love their hamburger then add on na lettuce!!! haha simple pero super malasa noh :D

  2. yum yum! drool worthy nga.

  3. Can you eat the yakiniku rice burger like you do hamburger in a bun? Looks yummy.

  4. u8, pwede pala palagyan ng lettuce ang hamburger nila? akala ko plain catsup and onions lang...
    basta anyway it is done, sarap no!
    and yes, i love the fries! sawang sawa na ako sa mga mexican chili dips! never loved the chili flavor...
    sarap ng master fries ng sango! sobra!

  5. syel, sarapa talaga sha, promise... try mo next time you visit ulit ha...

    bertN, thats exactly how it is eaten.... parang burger. the japanese rice they use is so sticky and really clumps together kaya it wont break... well, with a little extra care in eating it, of course.
    it isnt just novelty.. masarap sha talaga. it is like a rice meal on the go.... portable! hahaha...

  6. for their burgers, you can choose from a lot of add ons, kaya kahit simple hamburger, nagiging bongga! dati pwede e, ewan ko lang now.. di pa ulit ako nag-Sango! :(

    i wanna try the master chili burger next time! :)

  7. had my friends try this yesterday & all were satisfied. while me, inggit! haha kasi i was looking for it sa rockwell main mall but i couldn't find it. yun pala hindi ata inside the mall :( argh. but i saw a flyer sabi its free delivery w/ a minimum purchase.. great news!! magkano kaya minimum? :P

  8. biancs, sorry for late reply... anyway, may parts 3 and 4 and 5 pa yang Sango.. pero hindi ko na ipopost.. kasi panay rice burgers and take out namin hahaha... great dinner sha talaga... try mo. sarap sobra.

  9. havent tried the rice burger coz im not a big fan :P hehehe...