Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

We used to eat chicken inasal at Bacolod Chicken Inasal in their Greenhills branch and enjoyed it each time. It has been a while since, so we were so happy to find a branch in Robinson's Otis where we frequent, too. So, my hubby and I ordered a petso meal each for take-out.
The box has the usual neatly wrapped cup of rice, the toyo, the calamansi and the petso, of course.

Maybe it was just the branch, or maybe because it was ordered To-Go, but we didn't quite enjoy the meal when it was served at home. The chicken wasn't as tasty and wasn't cooked through very well... It still had that 'inasal' taste to it but it didn't work for us that time.
Maybe I'll stick it out with Inasal Bacolod Chicken for now.


  1. i miss inasal!!! i'll target that pag-uwi ko ulit. hehehe!

  2. Give it another try, baka absent yung regular cook nila LOL.

  3. in fairness the last time we ate there okay naman! i discovered ok rin the BBquito meals.. 3 sticks (1 chicken satay, 1 gizzard, 1 liver) na bbq din then w/ rice and drink-- P99 only :) pero if you're super hungry, then you'll find it bitin! hehe!

  4. syel, ok, basta wag sa Otis branch ha... hehehe..

    bertN, baka nga absent... next time though, sa ibang branch na lang. :-)

    biancs, baka nga yung branch lang ang may problem... sana nga...