Friday, October 30, 2009

Gourmet's Palate Charbroiled Burgers

I have read so much raves about Gourmet's Palate Charbroiled Burgers so my hubby and I set off for BF Homes in Paranaque to try it out for ourselves that afternoon.
The place is right along the main road and shouldn't be that hard to find. It is quite cramped inside with only 5 small tables. Well, there is always the option to enjoy your meal outdoors or best yet, order your food to-go.

For our first trip, hubby tried their Classic Burger. For its price (P72.), it was unbelievably big and the patty was suprisingly thick, juicy and meaty, served hot and freshly grilled.
Oh, and need I say that the taste is just so delicious you would find yourself finishing the huge burger in just a few minutes in just a few equally huge bites! Truly charbroiled to perfection!

I wanted to try something else from the menu and decided to have the Soft Taco which was really affordable at only P42. a pop!

Ahhhh, someone should have warned me that they have delicious tacos as well! Soft, easy to bite, very juicy and very flavorful! This was also gone in no time!

This food place is definitely a must-try. Affordable good food such as this should be made known to everyone. Spread the word!

There are lots of other items on the menu which we are surely going to try in our future visits to Gourmet's Palate Charbroiled Burgers.

Yes, they do deliver.


  1. i miss juicy burgers. i haven't had one in months na pala.

  2. they have another branch along Aguirre, near Sinangag Express and PCJ Church.

    Love their roast beef sandwich with cheese and chinese gulaman! We sometimes order squid balls too!

    if you're hungry, go for their takaw bowl (I usually get Mongolian).. but i never get to finish the whole order!

  3. syel, masarap din pag homemade diba...

    biancs, ang dami pa palang masarap sa menu! dapat masubukan lahat! LOL! sulit naman diba... for the price and the taste...
    thanks for the tips...

  4. yup, super sulit! my friends love eating there.. now i miss it na.. super tagal na rin since the last time we ate there.

  5. biancs, parang gusto ko yang Takaw Bowl na yan! hehehe.. baka yan sbukan ko next time... dinner na din para hindi na magluluto at home. hehehe..

  6. What's inside the soft tacos?

  7. bertN, it is the usual taco filling... shredded cabbage, ground beef, tomatoes, etc etc... parang burritos na sha...

  8. sa L A merong sign na tacos as big ur ass. talagang beri big (pang-2 tao) atsaka masarap!

  9. this should be exciting! i wanna try this!

  10. paulding, hmmm.. pag nagawi tayo ng LA, lulusubin natin yang taco place na yan... basta masarap diba. ;-)

    shalum, do try it. and tell us if you like it, too. i hope you will.

  11. When my brother in law first brought me here, I get to try their one of their huge burgers and I couldn't forget the taste since then. I make sure that I visit them as often as I can especially now that I'm craving for anything grilled or charbroiled (since I'm pregnant.)

  12. ira, glad you liked it... im craving for it, myself, by the way. so i guess hubby and i will visit it soon again. :-)

  13. Awesome post. Do you mind if I ask what your source is for this information?

  14. thanks, anonymous... we ate there one time. thats how. ;)