Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mandarin Sky

We love to eat good Chinese food. And one of our early favorites was Wah Yuen Reastaurant in Banawe. It served hot filling dishes with very reasonable prices. Heavy on the tummy but easy on the money. Thus, we were saddened when it closed down months ago.

When Mandarin Sky opened right where Wah Yuen was, we decided to try it, hoping that it would be just as good.
The Chicken with Asaparagus soup and the Chicken feet dimsum came ahead of the other orders.

The pancit canton looked the same. Appetizing and mouth-watering.

The Yang Chow fried rice is a mainstay whenever we visit Chinese restaus... plus the butter garlic fried chicken.

... and the fried chicken wouldn't be complete without the kropek on the side.

The verdict: Mandarin Sky is Wah Yuen.. Wah Yuen is Mandarin Sky. New name but same great Chinese food! We are glad it is back.


  1. the food was great. at least what i ate was.was in a hurry. am raring to go back and try other foods in their menu.

    1. Glad you liked it, too. Do go back. You have lots to try yet on the menu. :)