Monday, May 3, 2010

Karate Kid

I have seen Karate Kid branches around the Metro and I must say that the very reasonable prices on the menu are what encouraged me to give it a try.

It is still the usual self serve type of eatery; your average fastfood chain with a little dash of Japanese inspired interiors thru some cool dividers and neat wall decors.

And I must say I was pleasantly surprised with our food! The Gyudon and the Beef Teriyaki didn't disappoint! For the price, they tasted really really good.

Karate Kid is a place worth going back to. Budget and Tummy friendly!


  1. Budget and tummy friendly - my kind of eateries when I was a student and still is to this day.

  2. @bertN, yes, we must all be practical during hard times like these.