Sunday, May 16, 2010

G-Cube Laptop Sleeve

I had to look for that special sleeve for my new toy and I am glad that I found it! Fleece lined and meticulously crafted, I am pretty sure my new lappy feels safe and secure inside.

The large zipper at the top doesn't scratch the lappy at all. And handle fits my grip perfectly.

It is the perfect size for my netbook, not too big, and not too tight. Sliding the netbook inside and out is easy.

Yes, we do need to pamper our toys once in a while.


  1. Ay nice, saan siya available. I think I'll get one for dear iPad.

  2. How much is this ate Gita? I'm bored with the bulky bag my HP notebook dwells in. TIA! :)

  3. hi.. madz, i dont quite recall exactly pero sure ako that it is less than 500php. i still see some units/stocks sa greenhills store in virra mall.