Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cha Dao Tea Place

I finally tried Cha Dao tea place,   a booth that I often pass by at SM Bicutan whenever I do my weekly grocery.
The entire set up is pretty much like any other tea parlor that you see everywhere in the Metro.    The 'vending' machine...  the wide bore plastic straws that are pointy on one end...  the plastic glasses in different sizes...  and the long menu listing the various flavors the tea drinks come in.    I guess it would just all come down to the taste.
I tried the bestselling Wintermelon cream with nothing in it;  no sago,  no nata.  Just the tea blend.    It was cold.  Not too sweet.  Well blended.  Filling.  Tasted healthy.   
But I guess I am a hot tea drinker afterall.  Next time,   I would really stick to chocolate flavor.  If there would still be a next time at Cha Dao,  that is.


  1. I think it is nice tea-stall place to spend some leisure time with friends or relatives.

    1. I am sure it is. Too bad the Cha Dao outlet nearest us is just a booth.