Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meet My New Sonny Angels

Meet my new Sonny Angel dolls!   I got them as pasalubongs  from my brother in law who recently went on a HK trip.   Surely,  they can't get any cuter than these! 
They are tiny bare bottomed angels about 3 inches in height made of smooth sturdy rubbery/vinyl material.  Of course they have tiny wings... and yes,  the come in different colorful and truly fun headgears.
 IMG_3341 IMG_3340
 If only they're locally available,   collecting them would be easy.   But they aren't.   It would be so much fun to have all them series to add to my Pinky St. collection!
  IMG_3347 IMG_3337


  1. How cuteeee!!!!!

    Doc, I saw them on eBay for $11.99 - free shipping!

    1. ooops, J, sorry for the late reply. thanks. mahal pala pag online. much cheaper sobra in HK. half the price lang yata eh. kaso, mas mahal mag HK! LOL!
      i hope this doll line gets distributed locally soon. :)