Sunday, March 3, 2013

IHOP And My Birthday

IHOP in Manila 
 I turned 46 a week ago.   Hubs and I planned a different celebration this year so we decided to go breakfast this time.   And when I learned that IHOP has just recently opened their first branch at The Fort,  I thought,  why not!  
 IHOP in Manila 
So,  IHOP it was.   But we didn't quite expect that the  line and the wait would be that  horribly long at 6:44 am!
IHOP in Manila 
Good thing there is always the option  of ordering to-go.   So we had our IHOP pancakes wrapped and off we went.  Homeward.
 IHOP in Manila 
IHOP pancakes will always be IHOP pancakes wherever they're enjoyed. My personal verdict:   The butter pecan syrup is divine. 


  1. true that! we waited in line for about 1.5 hours but pancakes were worth it. other dishes were ok lang. loved their cinnamon pancakes! #1 on my list! <3 the strawberry banana was good but too sour yung strawberry. The next time i craved, i ordered chocolate chip pancakes for takeout naman. Twas bittersweet which is different from other choco pancakes na too sweet. this is my 2nd fave. I wanna try blueberry next time. :) yes, butter peca syrup was the bomb/

    1. Youve been there several times na pala! Avid fan ah! :) Me naman, the pancakes were really good. Kaya lang, I wanted it plain sana. Not much a fan of fruit topped pancakes. I want just whipped butter and syrup lang.
      SO when I went back, just yesterday with my BFF, we ordered an omelette lang which came with two pieces of buttermilk pancake! Yey! We just split everything and loved it. Well, the pancake lang. Kasi the omelette was just alright. Good but just alright. Didnt like their plating pa nga eh. ;)
      Yes, their butter pecan syrup is sooo goood! We had to ask if they sold it by the bottle, hindi daw eh. Sayang. ;)

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    1. Thank you so much, dear friend and co-blogger. :)