Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nokia Themes

Thanks to www.zedge.com, I am able to enjoy my new 6300 even more. For the past three years that I was using a Samsung phone, I had to content myself with merely changing the color scheme of my interface from pink to green to blue to orange. That was it. I couldn't download stuff into it.

I am glad I have switched back to Nokia because now, I can get to download as many free themes as I want from Zedge! And this one, is my present favorite, The Earth theme. (thanks to marcheto_a)

It has a more colorful menu with new icons!

All the buttons come out with a new scheme, a new color, a new pattern and palette of colors, specially the Inbox and the Create Message windows. A totally new look for my phone!

I love zedge.com.... I love my nokia. I love to download themes every so often. It makes my phone look brand new each and every time it wears a new theme. Cool! It is like having a new phone theme after theme after theme!


  1. ate gits, ang liwanag siguro nito sa dilim. hehehe :)

  2. tracy, korek... the lcd is really bright. pero hindi nakakaduling. and love ko ang colors nitong theme. try mo magdownload dun. im sure youll find one you like. ;-)

  3. a cousin once came with all nice, some funny, ring tones. he said he got from zedge. thanks for the reminder. checked it through the link you gave, gitz.

  4. penumbra, yup, what i like best about zedge, aside from it being very easy to use, everything in there is free! freebies! i just love freebies! haha, thanks for dropping by, joysky... ;-)

  5. I'm the marcheto_a from Zedge... I'm so glad, that u like my theme "The Eart". This stimulate me, to make themes... Thanks!

  6. marcheto, thanks so much for unselfishly sharing your very beautiful theme thru zedge...
    and thanks for dropping by my blog...