Monday, March 10, 2008

Red Ribbon's Polvoron

I have always loved Goldilock's polvoron, specially the ones with pinipig. And when I saw that Red Ribbon makes them now, too, I immediately got curious and wanted to try.

I got a pack of assorted polvorons so I could taste all the different varieties.

There were three varieties available...

plain (left), pinipig (center) and cashew (right)

Pinipig remains to be my favorite. Overall, Red Ribbon's polvoron are pretty good too. But I think I still like my Goldilocks more.


  1. haven't tried red ribbon's.. although i love goldilocks too, esp. the cookies and cream polvoron! yummyness!

  2. u8mypinkcookies, i have yet to try the cookies and cream ng goldilocks! i think i will like it. actually, mas like ko ata ang pulvuron nga ng Goldi. laking Goldi kasi ako eh. ;-)

  3. penumbra, actually oo, love ko din both... basta sweets, love ko. lalo na chocolates! ;-)

  4. Goldi din kilala ko hehe, pinipig, choco or cashew...son (2nd kid) always pick a pack of pulvoron pag nasa Asia shop kami...

  5. gita,

    if you're in the makati area,
    drop by the 2nd floor canteen of the Philippine First bldg., it's right beside the Enterprise Bldg, across Ninoy's statue on Ayala.
    (bank of commerce/greenwich on the ground floor)

    they have the best homemade pulvoron there... including chunky WALNUT and PILI flavors!

    dabest!! this is the pulvoron i send to my relatives in the US and in Canada, they now prefer it over goldilocks, sasmuan, and red ribbon ",)

  6. giz, try this. not much different in sarap than goldilocks. both are good actually.

    spanx, your pulvuron does sound good ha! i dont frequent the makati area much but when i do get the chance, ill surely try to check this out. thanks.
    and thanks for dropping by my blog...

  7. I haven't met a pulvoron that I didn't like. Especially the ones with pinipig.

  8. photowalker, me too. ive always loved pulvoron. high school days pa lang, hilig na ako dito. i even used to make my own! haha...

  9. Thanks for sharing this. I've never tried their polvoron. That looks delicious :)

  10. len, taste just as good as goldilocks actually. i almost couldt tell the difference. ;-) hope you like it too!