Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cadbury Assortment

Round things for the new year to let the moolah in! This chocolate candy tray is another special treasure we got last Christmas. Anything Cadbury is a treat for us. We just love the way its chocolate melts in the mouth, creamy and smooth.
Bite into each ball and be surprised with either a whole almond, brazil nut, hazelnut or raisin covered and enrobed in thick dairy milk chocolate! Only Cadbury can make it this good!

Ah, Cadbury, truly a chocolate lover's one true love.


  1. My favorite is the one with raisins. In fact, I just had Raisinets last night and was disappointed with the chocolate. I should try Cadbury.

  2. hmmm. di ito nakakatakas sa may mga sweet tooth.. ^_^

  3. your photos are sooooo mouthwatering! i am craving those chocolates now...

  4. Em Dy, try mo their Fruit and Nut... Mon and I love that. favorite namin. has both raisins and nuts in one bar.

    mimi, wala shang kawala sa akin. hahaha... korek!

    u8mypinkcookies, correct. i just love their chocolate... milky and smooth no!

    gwacie, thanks. kasi naman the food i feature are mouthwatering talaga... ;-) kaya it is effortless for them too look deelish! ;-)

  5. my fave choc! anything basta cadburry! hehehe! parang craving ako bigla, makabili nga tomorrow! :D

  6. syel, gusto ko din kasi ang chocolatey-ness ng cadbury eh... creamy and smooth diba. hassle lang sa diet.. haha...