Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kimmy Dora

If there is one movie I would recommend everyone to watch, that would be Eugene Domingo's first solo starrer Kimmy Dora. I had tons of fun watching this. I haven't laughed that much watching a local comedy film as I have in KD... I love everything about it... from the costume design, to the witty script, to the storyline, to the cast, and yes, Eugene Domingo's acting.... She is truly one gem in the business.
This I would want to watch over and over. It is a great pick-me-upper anytime of the day. I gotta get me an original DVD when it gets released, hopefully, soon.


  1. Found it funny in some parts but didn't like how they portrayed doctors and nurses as insensitive.

  2. em dy, yea, they should have been a bit more responsible and fair in handling that part...i agree.
    overall, though, i like that this movie was able to make me laugh. i havent laughed that much at a local movie in a long long time.