Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dencio's, Marikina Riverbanks

It was a hot day in Marikina Riverbanks and we were looking for some good food for lunch. We spotted Dencio's with its cool eyecatching glass facade and glass walls.
One may choose to dine by the terrace with the perfect view of the river; but on a hot and humid day like that, we opted to eat inside the restaurant with the breath of fresh A/C!
Sacchin was glad to find out that Dencio's now offers different set meals for you to choose from. It surely saves everyone the hassle of choosing and mix matching this dish with this and that dish.

Aaaaah... the stars of the day... the food!
Bicol ExpressGambas
All for a little over a thousand bucks, with a pitcher of iced tea to boot, there was sizzling bicol express... spicy gambas...

Binagoongang kangkongSinigang
... binagoongang kangkong... sinigang na liempo...

and the lead star of them all, Dencio's famous sisig!

The food was great... filling, hearty...


  1. Ate grabe naman nyan. nakakagutom!!!!

  2. All those food for a little bit over a thousand pesos? With a nice view of the river if you so desire?
    That's a steal!

  3. tracy, ako din, whenever i visit my site, nagugutom sa katitingin... haha.. thanks for dropping by again.

    bertN, yes, unbelievable deal, isn't it! all that glorius pinoy food... aaaah, heaven, indeed! :-)

  4. waaahh!!! i miss the food!!!! i'm so drooling here!!!!

  5. doc, try Kabisera ng Dencio's sa Bonifacio High Street :)

  6. Your photography skills are excellent! I wish I can do the same...