Monday, January 31, 2011

Pappa Roti

Pappa Roti is one of the newly opened food spots in SM Bicutan. I have tried a couple of other roti buns in the Metro. And to be honest, they all taste the same to me. IMG_2090IMG_2089

Good thing, though, they all taste great. Crusty coffee flavored shell that houses the warm and soft creamy buttered bread in its core.... It is a snack and a dessert in one, and not just for coffee lovers out there.
As long as it is freshly baked, warm and smelling oh so heavenly of coffee and bread, any brand is fine by me.


  1. i love roti buns! i've discovered it when i was still in jakarta since i'm a heavy coffee drinker. haven't had it in a while, makahanap nga sa bakeries dito :D

  2. mahilig ka pala sa coffee... i started drinking lately lang. more into soda kasi kami... sa coffee, sa 7-11 lang ako nakakuha ng kasundong timpla. nothing to pait for me.
    love ko din roti buns... filling and delicious at the same time.. medyo mahal lang dito... :(

  3. hi, kassy. very addicting nga sha... kasi just the right size, at saka tama lang ang tummyfill nya. hindi nakakbundat. hahhaha..
    thanks for dropping by!

  4. wow parang i want. i love kopi roti and delifrance's coffee buns!!

  5. ako, i like them all, biancs. hehehe.. actually they all taste the same to me eh.

  6. Gits I love this!! bakeries here sell their own version pero mas gusto ko diyan... buti not so nice ang version nila dito or else baka araw araw na lang..


  7. che, blessing pa pala na not nice ang roti dyan... daming calories sigurado nito no! i like this din. not too heavy, not too light. tama lang diba.