Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beard Papa's Cream Puffs

I have read and heard about this a long time ago; yet, it was only lately that I got to try it. And my, I have been missing so much all this time! And since that first time, I have been tripping back to Beard Papa's whenever I can.
The bag says it all... it is fresh and natural... Each puff is filled with the cream only upon ordering. I love the baked puff shells that go perfectly with the not so sweet but oh so creamy custard cream filling!

It takes a lot of self restraint whenever I buy a bag of these heavenly goodies to keep myself from munching on 'em right away because I chill them first. I enjoy them more when chilled.


  1. amen to cream puffs! i love them! thinking of trying the strawberry filling naman next time :)

  2. sarap diba, syel! dangerously so.. kasi ang light lang nya pero high sugar and high calorie...well, ang sagot ko dyan, so what! hahaha.. ang importante, masarap sha.
    strawberry filling sounds good, too!