Friday, June 10, 2011



Lunch at Burgoo the other Sunday was both filling and delicious. There were a lot of choices on their menu and it took us quite a while to decide which ones to order.

We were glad that the promo card my brother in law purchased was honored at their branch in SM North EDSA . It does work!

We leisurely doodled and drew on our placemats with crayons that were provided while waiting for our food. It is a cool idea, actually, specially if you have kids who might get bored while waiting.


Our Jambalay and Ribs and Shrimps and Ribs came! And we had a feast.

Using the promo card, we only had to pay for one of these scrumptious dishes! Plus, for every order of a glass of bottomless iced tea, you get another glass, free! Unbelievable, right!

The food we ordered was just enough for the four of us that lunch. The promo card is truly worth every cent. You get to enjoy lots of Burgoo's good food and drinks for much much less!


  1. I think Gumbo and Burgoo belong to the same company or group of companies, and their jambalaya are the same. That is if I'm not mistaken. Yum! :)

  2. parang ang sarap ng ribs! :)

    i have a new blog URL please visit and i'd love to hear your feedbaCK. THANKS! :)

  3. Madz, uy, now that you mentioned it, oo nga ano.. hawig their timplas... siguro nga same company!

    entrepgirl, medyo bitin the ribs, kasi mas madami yung shrimps eh. hehehe... sige, will drop by your blog, for sure! congrats!

  4. nakaka-miss! i am just suddenly craving for pizza! hahaha! i like their pizza eh. never tried the jambalaya. maybe next time. :)

  5. syel, masarap pala pizzas nila! sige, next time, palit tayo. jambalaya ka, pizza naman kami. :))