Thursday, June 23, 2011

Reyes Barbecue

There can only be one thing better than Reyes Barbecue's Quarter Chicken Meal...

.... it's their combo meal x 4 for only php450! The same quarter chicken barbecue you love with peanut sauce that goes perfect with it, and a cup of their classic java rice plus achara on the side... yes, four of these!

Order a pitcher of iced tea and a bowl of hot sotanghon soup and you will definitely have a feast!


  1. I'll substitute a pitcher of cold beer for the iced tea and I'll dig in with delight LOL.

  2. i usually order chicken bbq or tuna! i request for plain rice though :)

  3. bertN, hahaha, good choice. we, however were with my little nieces that night so we couldnt do the switch. :)

    pinkcookies, talaga? you dont like their java rice? yun naman my favorite. i wouldnt enjoy their bbqs unless they come with their java rice. havent perfected copying their recipe yet nga eh.

  4. wiggletoes, oh! masarap din pala.. i will definitely try it. love ko yan!

  5. almost midnight and ginutom ako bigla!!!! i miss chicken bbq!!!!

  6. syel, may powers pa din pala ang photos natin. nakakapagpagutom! hehehe...
    i love chicken bbq, too. lalo pag ganyan ang timpla. :) may peanut sauce pa! yum!

  7. @gita: i prefer plain rice in anything haha... di ko nga ginagamit peanut sauce nila. mas like ko spicy toyomansi as dip.

  8. pinkcookies, dalawa lang ang other kinds of rice that i eat bukod sa plain rice.. that'd be yang chow... and this java rice. pero the java rice, only if aristocrat or reyes barbecue lang ang ka terno. :)