Thursday, June 30, 2011

Knorr's Ginataang Gulay Mix

I saw this at the grocery the other day and I knew I had to try it. New products like this that help make kitchen life a lot breezier for housewives are always welcome. It saves time and money!
It is made of fine powder that is very easy to use. Mess-free, definitely.

The instructions are likewise very easy to follow. Even kids can understand the steps on the label.

How's the taste? The natural gata is definitely better but this cooking mix definitely came up with a more than decent Ginataang Sitaw with Shrimps. The dish turned out really good, actually! When pressed for time, I wouldn't mind using this again... and again.


  1. hhmmm...bigla ko namiss din 'to! i should try cooking this one over the weekend...but i'll try from scratch. walang magluluto for me eh! :D

  2. syel, nothing beats the all natural na from scratch talaga.... pero pag walang time and hindi magaling mag piga ng nyog like me, good alternative na ang knorr. hehehe...
    ive tried ti from scratch, too. matrabaho nga lang. pero shempre, mas masarap. ;)

  3. nice post and thanks for sharing, not bad specially when pressed for time.

  4. Lumalapot din ba siya? Okay ito kasi di ko na mapiga ng todo ang niyog. Thanks to my arthritic fingers.

  5. wiggletoes, yup, lumalapot din sha pag nag boil na ng husto. mismo, hindi ako magaling mag piga, bukod sa arthritic fingers ko din, ang hina ng grip ko eh. lugi ako kasi i buy 2 nyogs pa. mahal din ha.

    i add a little sugar dito pampasarap. next time, siguro dagdagan ko ng sili and minced ginger din. ;)

  6. Kitten, exactly! plus, grated nyog is not that cheap na din anymore diba. we have to be wise spenders sometimes.

  7. I can't wait to see that in our Pinoy groceries here

  8. bertN, i hope Knorr exports it soon. :)