Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cake Planet & Cafe

This post is long overdue.   I got this cake as  birthday gift  several months back,   and I only had the chance to blog this now as I have been so busy with work and non-work stuff.  :) 
 When I read the box,    the cake shop's name didn't really ring a bell.   It is not a very commercialized and not a very well advertised bakeshop .    In fact,   I didn't even know that it was right along Dona Soledad Avenue here inside Better Living Subdivision and that  I pass right  by it,    each and every day!
It seemed like any other chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  
But when I sliced through it,  I knew I was in for a chocoblastic experience.  And,  indeed,   I did!
It is everything you would want in a slice of heavenly chocolate cake... bittersweet... soft... moist... in every crumb.


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    1. this time, Kitten, looks weren't deceiving. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. when i viewed this entry right after publishing it, napa drool din ako! hahaha!

  3. It DOES look so moist... and when you said bittersweet, I was sold!

    1. moist and dense, actually. and definitely bittersweet. :) and it is a bonus, too, that the cafe serves one of them best coffees in the world daw. the Lavazza coffee. i hope i got that right. i havent tried it yet, though. i, soon, will.