Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bon Appetea

 Hubs and I were finaly able to visit Bon Appetea tea place  here along Dona Soledad Avenue inside Better Living Subdvision.   He ordered Green Matcha with Salt and Cheese while I had the Cocoa with salt and cheese.
Bon Appetea 
Their dedication board seemed to be packed with fans,  sukis and happy clients.   But somehow,   it was just alright for us.   We weren't exactly jumping up and down as high as when we had our taste of Happy Lemon,  but it was a'yt.
Wondering,  though,  why it is pricier than Happy Lemon,  and why the salt and cheese froth flavors had to be covered and sealed when they would be better enjoyed when sipped.


  1. I guess if it's a "mom and pop store" it is relatively more expensive because they don't order ingredients in bulks like chains do.

    And natawa naman ako sa dedication board... may nag-advertise pa ng sarili hehehe. Ayos!

    1. J, actually, big corporation na ata ang Bon Appetea. it has several branches na and is even open for franchise na yata. baka naman mali lang my order, or baka mas masarap lang talaga ang Happy Lemon, hahaha...