Friday, September 21, 2012

Gumbo: Part II

It has been years since we last dined at Gumbo in Mall of Asia.   This time,  we visited their branch in Robinsons Manila.  And we are happy to note that nothing much has changed;   except that there are more branches now. 
The interiors are pretty much the same.   Clean and bright.    Same feel.  Same ambience.  Service is fast and friendly.  

We were the first customers to arrive that noon  so we were able to choose our table and picked the one with  the rounded cushioned sofa.
The complimentary appetizer came.  It was a pair of freshly baked bread with garlic oil dip.  I just wished they served more since there were four of us dining that day.
And then the feast arrived.   Two huge platters that had all the great grilled goodness you can think of... and more.
Underneath all that glorious food was  our rice,   veggies  and some grilled mussels.
Our bellies blessed us that day.  


  1. Replies
    1. Food was okay. Parang pare pareho na silang mga American food chains like Burgoo, Fridays, etc. Same same na sila. ;)