Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pot Pourri Oil

Scented oils are new to me.  I have never tried them before because I back then,  stuff needed to set it up weren't that easy to find in stores .  But a friend suggested I do try now because these days,    everything  I will need is readily available in the malls.
The oils come in oh so many cool scents of different kinds  that choosing the right scent for me was actually part of the fun.  I went for the basic orange scent for starters.   But  will surely get  other scents as well.   For php99,   they're quite affordable if you ask me.   A small bottle will last a long time anyway.
I got my oil burner from a Japanese shop for only php66.   They,  too, come in different designs and colors to go perfectly with your room.
It is perfectly designed to fit the tea light at the bottom and the deep dish where you put in the mixture of a few drops of water and oil.
Enough of my expensive sprays and room perfumes.   Scented oils are the way to go.  It is stylish.  It need not be expensive.  And it smells oh so good!


  1. Isn't it dangerous to have an unattended source of open flame inside the house?

    1. That's the cardinal rule, actually, bertN. To never ever leave the candle unattended. Don't worry. I intend to light it up only whenever I am in the room mismo. For now, I would put it sa clinic. And light it up for only a few minutes just to freshen the air in the room. ;)