Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pastry Princess Cupcakes

I have had this huge craving for cupcakes for months now.  But busy work and holiday schedule  didn't give me  the chance to satisfy it until today.  And I am glad I was able to wait that long.   I picked Pastry Princess Cupcakes from among the different popular choices I have read on the internet. 
 And I can say that the place is not just about the pretty pink interiors;  the bright colorful bric a bracs on display;  neat and tidy counters where you can easily pick the cupcake of your dreams;  very friendly staff and servers;  and the more reasonably and affordably priced pastries from their oven.
Because the place is really about their cupcakes!    Hubs and I ordered three different kinds.   The red velvet,   the salted caramel and the dulce de leche which we all found really good.   Although their toppings somewhat differed with red velvet's being the creamiest,  and the other two's being quite a tad too sweet,   the cupcake itself was very well baked.   Moist,   chewy,  not crumbly,  and really delicious!
Of course red velvet won the tasting game,  hands down.   So will I come back for more?  I,   pretty sure,  will.

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